2 Lg Cheese Pizzas

5 Pieces

With fries.

5 Pieces

Loaded Fries


With bacon and cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese.

Garlic Knots


4 Pieces Served with marinara sauce.

Pasta Platter


Lasagna, stuffed shells, manicotti and ravioli.

Three layers of pasta, cheeses, and tomato topped with our special meat sauce and cheese.

Tender eggplant layered with cheese and topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

Baked Ziti


Ziti tossed with mozzarella and ricotta, then baked to perfection.



Fresh manicotti filled with ricotta, baked and topped with sauce.

Served with lettuce, tomato & mayo. Comes with french fries.

Cheese Calzone


Sauteed chicken with artichoke, roasted peppers, mushrooms & caper.

Sauteed chicken breast in rich white wine sauce on a bed of spinach.

Chicken Rosa


Chicken sauteed with broccoli in pink sauce.

Chicken, spinach, and artichoke in pink Alfredo sauce.

Chicken & broccoli sauteed in white wine, parmesan cheese, garlic, and spices served over pasta.

Chicken sauteed in egg batter with artichoke, mushrooms & roasted peppers in a creamy sauce.

Chicken Parm


Chicken topped with cheese and marinara sauce.

Sauteed chicken breast in a rich alfredo sauce.

Served over pasta.



Nothing like a cold soda to go with your pizza.



No fries.

Pita bread, lettuce, tomato, tahini sauce.

Pesto Pasta


Basil, garlic, cheese, olive oil, and spices.

For the veggie lover, with spinach, eggplant, onions, broccoli, garlic, black olives, parsley, herbs, & spices. Red or white.

Jumbo cheese ravioli topped with tomato or marinara sauce.

Chopped fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese & extra virgin olive oil.

A fantastic rich, creamy sauce.

A meatless, fresh plum tomato sauce with spices and lots of garlic.

Bacon, onions, and garlic sauteed in a marinara sauce.

With fresh garlic and virgin olive oil.

For seafood lovers, with clams, garlic & spices in a red or white sauce.

For the meat lover, delicious meat, and tomato sauce.

Cheese Pizza


Classic cheese or create your own pizza.

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.

Garden Salad


Antipasto Salad


Chef Salad


Caesar Salad


Greek Salad


Tuna Salad


BV Salad


Romaine lettuce, red beets, olives, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Chicken Bacon Salad


Grilled or crispy.

Seafood Combo


One piece of fish, fried shrimp & fried clams with lemon.

Sauteed calamari with a touch of garlic, hot chili pepper, & marinara sauce.

Shrimp Scampi


Shrimp in garlic and oil sauce with red & green peppers served over linguini.

Sauteed shrimp with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, and olives in pink sauce.

Sauteed shrimp, clams & mussels in marinara sauce.

Gyro Pizza


Gyro, green pepper, onion, tomato.

Supreme Pizza


Mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, meatball, mushrooms, onions and green peppers.

BBQ Chicken Pizza


Mozzarella, BBQ sauce, chicken and onions.

BV Tomatoes White Pizza


Mozzarella, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and fresh tomato.

Chicken Broccoli White Pizza


Mozzarella, grilled chicken with broccoli and fresh garlic.

Clams Casino White Pizza


Mozzarella, clams, fresh garlic, parmesan cheese, bacon, and roasted peppers.

Farmer White Pizza


Mozzarella, provolone, broccoli and fresh tomato.

Hawaiian White Pizza


Mozzarella, ham, pineapple and parmesan.

Meat Lovers Pizza


Mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage, meatballs and bacon.

Sarantino Pizza


Mozzarella, meatballs, eggplant and roasted peppers.

Greek Spinach White Pizza


Spinach, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and mozzarella.

Shrimp Pesto Pizza


Mozzarella, pesto sauce, shrimp and onions.

Veggie Pizza


Mozzarella, tomato sauce, and all our vegetables.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Mozzarella, buffalo sauce, chicken and blue cheese.

Mexican Pizza


Ground beef, hot sliced peppers, and onion.



Deep-fried chicken wings with your choice of sauce.

Chicken or steak, onion, mushroom, green pepper, cheddar cheese, chipotle sauce.

Mixed greens & cheddar cheese.

Spicy tender with bleu cheese dressing & mixed greens.

Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, & romano cheese.

Spinach, mushroom, onion, sundried tomatoes.

Lettuce, onions, smoked gouda and BBQ sauce.

Lettuce, tomato, & provolone.

Lettuce, tomatoes, olives, & cheese.

Steak Wrap


Lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise & American cheese.

Mushroom, onion, green pepper, cheddar cheese & fajita sauce.

Veggie Wrap


Mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olive, broccoli.

2 Large Cheese Pizza + 12 Wings + 2 ltr Soda